PVC Applications

PVC ApplicationsOxidized HDPE, such as OPI 1307 and OPI 1316, have been used for decades in the PVC manufacturing sector. OPI 1307 and OPI 1316 can help improve the appearance and processing conditions of PVC production and help to optimize productivity. These oxidized HDPE waxes are used as lubricants to help achieve this process improvement by affecting the way in which the PVC melts and flows. OPI 1307 and OPI 1316 can help with the surface quality of the extrudate by affecting the gloss quality of the PVC product. OPI 1307 and OPI 1316 also can be utilized as an external lubricant for metal release in the PVC extrusion process. These functionalized waxes can help prevent the PVC from sticking to the metal extruder. This can improve output and quality of the PVC process and optimize operating parameters.



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