OPI Mission Statement

OPI-Customer Focused Business Solutions

OPI is committed to providing quality products and technology to its customers. Our goal is to offer our customers intelligent solutions at competitively based pricing. We offer a stable supplier resin base and state-of-the art manufacturing process to maintain superior levels of product quality. Our focus is to maintain exceptional levels of customer service and satisfaction through our commitment to both quality and technology. To achieve this, our manufacturing team is engaged in order to achieve our zero defects quality assurance promise. Furthermore, we offer customized business solutions with a sales force with technical expertise to better help our customers find the best fit solution for their applications.

OPI-Smart Logistics

Our Southeastern USA facility provides a strategic location for the production of specialized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) oxidized wax. This site allows for a geographically ideal location to serve both domestic and overseas clients. Our warehouse houses product specific silos and automated packaging to allow for the offering of multiple packaging options for our diverse worldwide customer base.



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