Emulsifiable Waxes

The OPI Product Line plays roles in formulations of many industries, including the OPV, Concrete, Wood, Metal Coatings, Plastics and Floor Polish industries. Oxidized HDPE enables emulsion manufacturers the opportunity to incorporate the beneficial qualities of HDPE into water-borne systems. The oxidized HDPE line thus allows manufacturers to use the more environmentally friendly aqueous rather than solvent-based formulations.

Oxidized HDPE based emulsions help to improve the printing characteristics, including gloss and rub resistance, of water based graphic ink systems.




Metal is often coated by emulsions for both aesthetic, wear-proofing and aging reasons. Emulsions can also help improve the lubricity of the metal, so that metal thickness can be decreased.


Unprotected concrete is vulnerable to damage from many sources, and HDPE based emulsions can be incorporated into concrete coatings and sealers to reduce damaging effects and additionally provide waterproofing and weathering benefits.

HDPE- based emulsions can be used in floor polishing formulations to help minimize black heel marks, provide slip control, enhance mar and abrasion resistance.



Plastics are coated for aesthetics, touch/feel and wear resistance. These coatings can be applied in diverse applications, including the plastic parts industries, such as cell phones.



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